DJ STERLING GOLDEN Silent Disco Edition

DJ Sterling Golden LegacyWednesday June 9, 2010

Silent Disco Edition

The “Master of Mixed Music Arts” spins tracks representing every genre, era, and style, a journey of 150 YEARS of recorded music history! The Model’s FIRST-EVER SILENT DISCO RAGER!

The Model Cafe
7 North Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

  • 21-plus event

10 pm – 2am.


On June 9, LEGACY joins forces with SILENT DISCO, creating an epic SILENT STORM of larger-than-life proportions over Allston Rock City!

So, what is Silent Disco? For the uninitiated, it’s a groundbreaking music/dance party experience where one hears music only by wearing special Silent Disco wireless headphones (provided at entry). Once you have them on, you shall possess the power to EXPECT EVERYTHING! The quiet atmosphere around you will instantly transform into the kind of dance party that only exists in our most decadent fantasies.

Silent Storm Sound System brings a unique, dynamic way to experience music at a party which allows conversation while encouraging dance. You got ears, we got headphones – Come get ’em on, get down, and find out what the hype’s all about!

The indefinable Mr. Golden – “Master of Mixed Music Arts” – will be behind the booth as he is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, spinning tracks representing all musical styles, eras, and genres, creating the most eclectic night of music one shall ever hear in a single dance party! It’s Boston nightlife’s ultimate playlist, bringing the out-of-print jams; the life-changing songs; the fan favorites that pack the dance floor; the artists and songs that make music the international language!

Get ready for the most unique LEGACY event to date, as Mr. Golden leads Allston Rock City into the eye of the SILENT STORM! It’s all the rage @ the Model, Wednesday night, June 9! Presented by Silent Storm Sound System.

The Model Cafe
7 North Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

21-plus event. NO COVER!
10 pm – 2am.

DJ Sterling Golden

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